Leah Joy is a practitioner of Soto-Zen Buddhism for more than 15 years and a teacher of dance and movement for over 20. She spent many years developing a working philosophy that combines Anapanasati (mindful breath meditation) with movement.  
Leah Joy founded Zenful Dance Breath Movement Meditation in 2006 and has taught workshops to many Zenful Dancers throughout California, New Jersey and New York City.  
Leah Joy currently resides in Queens, New York.


Dancing with Dharma

Both Buddhism and dance invite the practitioner into present-moment embodiment. The rise of Western Buddhism, sacred dance and dance/movement therapy, along with the mindfulness meditation boom, has created opportunities for Buddhism to inform dance aesthetics and for Buddhist practice to be shaped by dance. This collection of new essays documents the innovative work being done at the intersection of Buddhism and dance. The contributors--scholars, choreographers and Buddhist masters--discuss movement, performance, ritual and theory, among other topics. The final section provides a variety of guided practices.